Have you gotten in the habit of hiding your teeth because you’re embarrassed by their color? Or maybe you’ve noticed that they’ve gotten a little duller recently and don’t shine like they used to. Whether you want a subtle change or need a big boost, professional teeth whitening can brighten your teeth and help you feel confident in your smile again.

At Knights Family Dentistry, we offer take-home teeth-whitening trays. We’ll send you home with trays, bleaching gel, and schedule for how often to wear the trays and for how long. You’ll be able to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home and when it’s most convenient for you, all while still getting professional results.


Teeth Whitening FAQ

How does professional teeth whitening compare to store-bought products?

Sure, store-brought products may seem more appealing because of their price tag, but it truly is a case of getting what you pay for. Those drugstore whitening trays aren’t designed to fit your teeth specifically, and they don’t take into consideration your starting point and your end goal.

Our personalized trays ensure that the whitening gel will stay in place, rather than being distributed unevenly or leaking out and causing gum irritation. Not to mention they’ll probably be more comfortable to wear too because they’re specifically designed for your mouth. Last but not least, going with a dentist for teeth whitening means getting professional-quality bleaching gel for more effective results.

Can teeth whitening damage teeth?

While we can’t vouch for home remedies or all of those store-bought products, professional teeth whitening from a dentist is a simple, safe procedure. It does not damage your enamel! You may feel a little bit of tooth sensitivity after the procedure, but this is common and will go away in a couple of days.

How can I make my teeth whitening last as long as possible?

To get the most out of your teeth whitening, keep in mind the foods and beverages that are known to stain teeth. Coffee, tea, red wine, and red sauce are a few. Of course, we don’t expect you to simply give up all of those. You can use a straw when possible or you can rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after consuming them. If you smoke or chew tobacco, giving up that habit will also help your teeth stay brighter longer.

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